Props and Wardrobe donations

Ever wanted to see your things on stage? Theatre Aquarius graciously accepts material donations to our Props, Wardrobe, and technical Departments. Items donated go into our stock to be used on any and all future productions! Below are some examples of items we would and would not be interested in.

Period Pieces

  • Vintage and Retro Furniture and Clothing   (wardrobe)
  • Vintage and retro Appliances

Unique one of kind Items

  • Art works
  • Sculptures (Busts, etc.)
  • Custom Furniture
  • Trinkets

Vintage/Retro Items

  • Old Cameras
  • Gramophones
  • Phones
  • Tools
  • Accessories
  • Watches, Broaches, glasses, hats etc

Other unique items

  • Display (fake) Electronics
  • Fake Weapons

Items the Theatre is not interested in

  • Pianos
  • Modern Clothing
  • Heavily damaged items
  • Large HIFI units
  • Furs
  • Un-wearable clothing


IF you have any times you think may look good on our stage please forward your name, the list of item(s) and a few pictures (if possible) to Greg Dougherty:

Theatre Aquarius will (when possible) pick up items free of charge.



Theatre Aquarius will pick up Items, but can only do so during regular business hours unless otherwise arranged. Once donated The items become property of Theatre Aquarius and will be used, altered, removed as needed. A Charitable Tax recipe can be issued for items valued over $100.00. Theatre Aquarius reserves the right to determine value. Theatre Aquarius will require your contact information in full to issue tax receipt. Tickets can not be issued as payment for items.

Program, Artists, Dates and Prices Subject to Change.  All Sales Final.  No Refunds.