Digital Storytelling

A creative arm at Theatre Aquarius


 Our initiatives build on Aquarius’s artistic programming through the creation of new stand-alone content as well as projects that support our stage productions each season. We do this by leveraging digital technology – from traditional video and audio to virtual and augmented reality – to craft new story driven narrative content. Our aim is to make Aquarius a creative hub for digital storytelling in Canada.

 Starting in January 2022, we began implementing Aquarius’s new digital strategy – we now have a roadmap for our creative and organizational approaches to digital over the next few years.  We launched our new digital playbills which have been a hit with audiences and have begun conversations around developing new writing for immersive technology. We have supported and partnered on two virtual reality R&D projects, the most recent being Ballinran Entertainment’s StageView VR initiative (made possible by the Canadian Media Fund).  We are also developing a podcast that will be released later this year and are continually building relationships with digital and immersive storytellers locally, nationally and internationally.

 True to the nature of Aquarius, we are harnessing our natural inclinations towards curiosity, creativity and innovation to blaze a trail into this exciting new digital frontier.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or learning more about our new digital initiatives please drop us an email at

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June 3: Theatre Aquarius’ COVID Recovery Benefits from Ontario Trillium Foundation $250,000 Community Building Grant

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