We live in hope.

Otherwise why would Theatre Aquarius have scheduled a mini-spring season to begin in several weeks?

Looking forward to recapturing the magic of live theatre, Hamilton’s only professional theatre company went out on the proverbial limb, finding three productions that would easily adhere to COVID-19 protocols in staging. Two had only one actor. One had two performers who would be husband and wife.

Did we believe these shows would happen? Well, maybe not. But we damn well wished they would.

Lorna Zaremba, Theatre Aquarius’ executive director says, “We’ve been up and down on a roller-coaster since last March. Remember when we thought COVID would be all over in a few months?”

“Well, here we are a year later. And you know what, we’ve become more resilient. Our corps staff still come in and work. Everyone is up and enthusiastic. I’m Scottish and I remember this old Scottish comic who used to say, ‘It’s the waitin’ that’s the worst.’ Well, he was right. And yes, it’s the waitin’ that could kill you. But it looks like we’ve got to do a bit more.”

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