Speakers, Thinking Forward,  Indigenous Youth Perspectives and music

We welcome audiences to stay after the performance of The Hours That Remain, to enjoy some traditional music and learn from youth perspectives on traditional practices and visions for the future.

Bradlee Henry is originally from the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. He is from the Onondaga Nation, Turtle Clan. Bradlee was born and raised in the city of Hamilton and has had the opportunity to learn and practice his cultural identity, language, and indigenous roots within the City through the Hamilton Indigenous friendship Center. Bradlee’s “Papa” is a residential school survivor and within his generation, he believes it is his responsibility to bring change in breaking the cycle of Intergenerational trauma. Bradlee has been involved in many cultural events throughout the city of Hamilton and across Turtle Island. Including at: the Indigenous Juno Awards, Soaring Sporit Powowo, Art Crawl, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Girls Vigils, Youth and Elders gatherings, National Indigenous Day. He is the youngest recipient of a City of Hamilton Arts Award.

Tiffany Silversmith is a Six Nations Band Member from the Onondaga Nation, Turtle Clan. She is 22 years old, born and raised in Hamilton. Tiffany is currently living on Six Nations with her older sister and nephew, although spends a lot of time in Hamilton.

Tiffany has many gifts and talents that she has discovered and has found her voice and has been singing publicly for the past 4 years. Tiffany is working towards her high school education as it was hold for a few years. Tiffany is a young leader in our community who deeply cares about making change. She has many interests in playing any musical instrument and enjoys learning the Cayuga Language.