Theatre Aquarius lost one of the most passionate and dedicated members of our theatre family recently, Lilly Kitagawa.

If you have visited the ticket pickup window in the last 20 years, the odds are excellent that you were welcomed by Lilly. Her warmth and the sincerity of her welcome is something you would remember. Lilly always looked forward to greeting patrons as well as identifying family of actors and staff that came in. She began volunteering with Theatre Aquarius in 1991, and over the years took on many additional responsibilities, including helping to coordinate the teams of her fellow volunteers who greet our patrons every day. Lilly loved all aspects of theatre and was happy to help whenever and wherever she was needed.

In spite of the tremendous gift of time and dedication that she made to support the theatre, Lilly never liked to have a fuss made about her. In her mind there was nothing extraordinary about what she did. To the staff, crew, cast and volunteers who had the pleasure of knowing her, this was simply not the case. They would tell you stories about the care and respect which she treated every co-worker and every guest she welcomed. They would sing the praises of the delicious baked treats which she so often brought with her. They would remember the intricate origami boxes she would absent-mindedly fold, turning theatre flyers and house programs into beautiful works of art.

.The children who lived on her street in Corktown will remember those little boxes, which Lilly would fill with holiday sweets by the dozens every Halloween.

Lilly Kitagawa was 86 years old when she passed away and was more vital and passionate than many people half her age. The time she spent at Theatre Aquarius was a gift to the organization and to the lives of all those who knew her.