Review ‘Made in Italy’ in The Hamilton Spectator
Friday, March 11, 2022. By Gary Smith.

There’s an outsized table centre stage at Theatre Aquarius. That elegant and bare table, with its glossy patina and handsome inlaid design of patterned wood, is a testament to famiglia.

It’s a reminder of the way several generations of family come together on a Sunday, or maybe a Friday night, to enjoy the pasta fagioli soup that precedes a hearty homecooked meal.

But the thing is, that table is used for so much more in playwright-actor Farren Timoteo’s strongly nuanced look at the way a young Italian son comes to accept and love his heritage in his new country of Canada.

At times, that table stands in for a hospital bed, an exercise mat, a nightclub stage, and even a sturdy coffin of wood.