Student Spotlight

All of the participants in our theatre programs have their own skills, hard work and artistic identities, and every one of them is on a unique journey of which we are thrilled to be a part. In out Student Spotlight, Theatre Aquarius takes the opportunity to celebrate individual students who have made great strides, given extraordinary effort and who play a leadership role in their class work. Please join us in applauding these promising performers!

Student Spotlight: Ayden Kubrynski

Here is what our instructors have to say about Ayden

Ayden joined Theatre Aquarius Acting Essentials class last term. Since then he continues to bring to the table honest talent and contagious energy. He works well in groups and has shown himself to be a creative force in class. Ayden is always ready to play!

Here’s what Ayden has to say about the experience with Theatre Aquarius ODE:

My experience at Theatre Aquarius is the best, most fun theatre class I have ever been in. The staff at Theatre Aquarius, such as my teacher Melissa, are very nice. I love how the plays we do are not just plays. Even in rehearsal, they feel like a performance. As my favorite fantasy character would say ‘the art is not in the script, it is in the actor.’


Student Spotlight:Sophia Bisson

Here is what our instructors have to say about Sophia

Sophia is a natural leader. She is a prominent presence in all the classes she attends, as well as assists. She inspires other students with her performance skills, her commitment, and ease with which she approaches all games, exercises and scene work. Her love of theatre is infectious. She exudes enthusiasm and is very kind. Thank you, Sophia, for everything you bring to class.

Here’s what Sophia has to say about the experience with Theatre Aquarius ODE:

I’ve been in theatre school for about two years now and it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve made great friends and I’ve learned so much from my instructors. I love theatre and I am inspired to continue learning and participating at Theatre Aquarius. Taking lessons here has helped to build my confidence and my skills as a performer and volunteering with younger actors has helped enhance my leadership abilities.

Student Spotlight: Maxwell Taylor

Here is what our instructors have to say about Maxwell

The 10-13 Acting Essentials class is a class for students who are relatively new to acting. Maxwell started in the Fall term and has really shown a commitment to the craft and his willingness to challenge himself. Last term he took on multiple roles in his own scene presentation of ‘Oliver Twist’ and continue to show great enthusiasm. Currently, he is showing himself to be a creative writer and an amazing collaboration when it comes to group work!

Here’s what Maxwell has to say about the experience with Theatre Aquarius ODE:

I really enjoy going to theatre classes! It’s always a ton of fun to work on our presentations and I always have enjoyed writing so I’ve really enjoyed getting to write our own scripts this term! I really like working together in groups to bring our scenes together and all in all I’ve loved doing drama for the past two terms!