Salt Baby cast sitting at a round wooden table on set

The Extinction Therapist

World Première 

Written by Clem Martini
January 25 – February 11, 2023 

Dr. Marshall’s therapeutic practice offers unconventional group support to those threatened with imminent extinction. In his current sessions, a libidinous woolly mammoth, a testy short-eared shrew, the uncompromising smallpox virus, an insecure tyrannosaurus rex and the hapless Minister for the Environment convene to receive therapy, in an attempt to come to terms with the complicated, volatile feelings associated with their precarious life-and-death circumstances.

When Dr. Marshall’s personal issues are inadvertently introduced, matters of the heart, matters of environmental culpability, and personal mortality become inextricably intertwined.


Artwork by Felix Vlasak

Salt Baby artwork

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On the mainstage at Theatre Aquarius January 25 – February 11, 2023.