The Gig - by Mark Crawford

The Gig

Rolling World Première 

Written by Mark Crawford
March 8 – 25, 2023 

Three drag queens have been hired to perform at a private function. The catch? Tonight’s event is a campaign fundraiser for a Conservative politician. As the queens struggle to agree on how to proceed, the campaign manager and rookie candidate attempt to send a message of inclusivity and hope to their voters. Throw in an unimpressed venue technician and a long-standing MP who’s been forced into retirement and, honey, this gig will have you “gagging!” Politics! Sibling rivalry! Wigs! 

The Gig is a contemporary comedy that asks: what do we do when we don’t see eye-to-eye? 

Artwork by Felix Vlasak

The Gig March 8 – 25, 2023 Written By Mark Crawford Rolling World Première

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On the mainstage at Theatre Aquarius March 8 – 25, 2023.