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Decorative poster for Theatre Aquarius 50/50 draw

Theatre Aquarius 50/50

Theatre Aquarius’ 50/50 lottery is a split-the-pot raffle, meaning, you can have an impact just by purchasing tickets! 50% of ticket sales go to Theatre Aquarius, while the other 50% goes to the prize winner! The March draw winning ticket is 204334038. 

Leisa Way dressed as Dolly Parton

Rhinestone Cowgirl: Celebrating Dolly Parton

Leisa Way literally erupts onto the stage in a flurry of feathers, fringe and bejewelled finery. The real magic lies in hearing Way sing Dolly’s songs… Simply leaves the audience breathless.

Theatre Aquarius Event

Upcoming Events

Theatre Aquarius is a hub for creative conversation that celebrates possibility, engages community, fosters innovation and ignites future voices.  See what’s coming up here!

Theatre School winter spring

Theatre School

Join us for our exciting line-up of acting, musical theatre, show program and The Emerald City – our Main Stage Spring Recital!

Animated GIF that says flips through the following sentences: 'Find your funny', 'Find your dreams', 'Find your joy', 'Find your passion', 'Find your self', 'Find your home' and ends with 'Find your theatre'.