Our People

Meet the team that fuels the Theatre Aquarius stage behind-the-scenes and out in the Hamilton Community.


Staff Directory

Suzanne Lanthier
Director of Development
Ext. 227 | slanthier@theatreaquarius.org

Neal Miller
Director of Marketing and Communications
Ext. 235 | nmiller@theatreaquarius.org

Aleena Faisal
Communications Coordinator
Ext. 274 | afaisal@theatreaquarius.org

Susan Horridge-Nuzum
Box Office Manager
Ext. 263 | susan@theatreaquarius.org

Olivia Gallant
Box Office Representative

Carolyn Drost
Assistant Box Office Manager
Ext. 238 | cdrost@theatreaquarius.org

Hilary Wilson
Box Office Representative

Nikki Horvath
Audience Services Manager
Ext. 273 | nhorvath@theatreaquarius.org

Jenny Weisz
NCNM Program Manager
Ext. 271 | jweisz@theatreaquarius.org

Maria Boric
Artistic Administration
Ext. 226 | mboric@theatreaquarius.org

Valerie Shea
Ext. 222 | accounting@theatreaquarius.org

Jeff Giles
Administration & Facilities Manager
Ext. 233 | jgiles@theatreaquarius.org

Logan McNutt
Company Manager
Ext. 272 | lmcnutt@theatreaquarius.org

Melissa Murray Mutch
Theatre School Coordinator

Amanda Hinkle-Wallace
Theatre School Coordinator

Michael Walsh
Director of Production
Ext. 229 | lborghesan@theatreaquarius.org

Ashleigh Serge
Head of Props
Ext. 258 | headofprops@theatreaquarius.org

Sonia Nardi-Lewis
Head of Wardrobe
Ext. 257 | wardrobe@theatreaquarius.org

Kim Dykstra-Brown
Head Scenic
Ext. 225 | headscenic@theatreaquarius.org

Anna-Maria Grant
Head of Sound 
Ext. 242 | snd@theatreaquarius.org

Mickey Wagg
Head of Lighting
Ext. 241 | mwagg@theatreaquarius.org

Jessy Stephens
Head Carpenter
Ext. 225 | headcarpenter@theatreaquarius.org

Board of Directors

  • Annette Hamm, Board Chair
  • Asif Lasani, Vice Chair
  • Ruth Liebersbach, Treasurer
  • Christine Gorgi, Secretary
  • Rob Braley, Director
  • Gregg Crealock, Director
  • Pauline Kajiura, Director
  • Paul Lakin, Director
  • Michelle Rodney-Bartalos, Director
  • Pearl F. Veenema, Director
  • Shane Pennells, Director
  • Kris Noakes, Director
  • Councillor Tom Jackson, Director
  • Councillor Cameron Kroetsch, Director
  • Councillor Mark Tadeson, Director