National Centre for New Musicals

Presented by
Incite Foundation for the Arts

The National Centre for New Musicals (NCNM) is set to revolutionize the national and international musical theatre landscape, offering unparalleled opportunity for both established and emerging Canadian composers, lyricists, book writers and theatre artists.

Submissions are now closed.


NCNM supports projects at various stages in the continuum of development – from early-stage concepts to previously workshopped or showcased work. Guided by a distinguished Advisory Committee comprised of celebrated theatre practitioners, NCNM will actively cultivate and strengthen new and diverse voices by ensuring that artists and creators are provided with mentorship and consultation to maximize their potential for success in the genre.


Support early-stage development of new musicals with seed funding available for composers, bookwriters and lyricist to test ideas.

Support multi-week workshops of Canadian musicals to further develop material.

Build a local pathway for new musicals to debut at Theatre Aquarius and other Canadian professional theatres.


  • Discover musicals ready for development from both submissions and advisory committee recommendations.
  • Discover new Canadian writers, lyricists and composers in the industry and provide the support necessary to nurture and grow their talent
  • Incubate work at all stages of development: from early concept to previously workshopped or festival showcased productions.
  • Work with the artists to tailor the development for each project.


  • Support fully staged workshops to a select audience for feedback and further development.
  • Support showcases to theatre leaders and producers across Canada and internationally for presentation opportunities.
  • Support pathways to premiere productions at venues nationally and internationally.

“I’ve always believed Canadians are great storytellers in different aspects of the arts. We’ve seen Canadians succeed in music, in comedy, in animation. I’ve always believed Canadians could succeed in the genre of musical theatre. What they needed was two things: continuous support, and the opportunity to fail and to learn from that failure how to succeed.”

Michael Rubinoff, co-chair of the centre’s advisory committee, originating producer of “Come From Away”