dtaborah johnson


To the theatre born, dtaborah spent the first 50 years of her career as tabby. Turning 62 and moving to Tuscany to work with Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards at The Workcenter and being invited to work/study/ perform with Mario Biagini’s downstairs Open Program travelling the globe with an international group of under thirties. Here she learned how to hone those 50 years most effectively, the work from Toronto’s original Hair cast as the 16-year-old virgin to working with Mike Nichols in NYC with the late Ken Walsh’s Standup Shakespeare. Her hit digital Fringe 2021 The Incredible Adventures of that nice Canajun Gurl to Aunty MacCasser on the Big Comfy Couch to backing up Aretha, Ray Charles, and Rick James, dtaborah is both delighted and humbled to be part of this esteemed team.