Jody Boston

Show Program Associate Director / Support Facilitator

Jody Boston is an award-winning artist with eighteen years of experience teaching drama, music and movement in Hamilton’s primary and secondary schools. A guest artist at McMaster University, Jody also privately teaches Improv and Clown. Holding a post-graduate certificate in social therapeutics, Jody is the program director of Under the Willows, where she guides an ensemble of professional, multi-disciplinary artists to create outdoor arts, garden and play programming for children who access out-of-home, mental health support.  

A certified therapeutic clown practitioner with Red Nose Remedy, Jody has two clowns; Dr. Kimmy, serving pediatric clients with medical vulnerabilities and Ruby, dedicated to individuals facing dementia. In the theatre, Jody is a triple-threat performer. She provides dramaturgy for new play development and pre-production clown consultation. Her recent theatre highlights include FArts Comedy, Open Hearts, Aeris Körper, the Art Gallery of Hamilton and FiXT POINT. She pursues studio training in singing, dance, movement, mime, improv and theatrical clown. Jody is re-energized by belting show tunes with her teenager in the kitchen.